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Position: Product Owner
Location: Stockholm

Product owner

Join our mission to disrupt the industry of healthcare staffing. Colivia is a digital health startup, offering an automated staffing platform for the healthcare sector. We automate the staffing process with the aim of reducing staffing costs as well as creating a solution that helps tackle the healthcare personnel shortage. 


We are looking for a Product Owner, who is passionate about building a fantastic user experience and solving a growing healthcare challenge. 


We are in need of a Product Owner that is not afraid to take on a great challenge and is willing to set the vision and product strategy for automated healthcare staffing. You will join our dedicated team, in our office at Linnégatan 81, Stockholm. 


As a product owner at Colivia you will act as the glue between the market requirements, the internal sales team and the tech team, creating a great user experience and maximizing value for all stakeholders. You will be responsible for managing the development of our mobile app and back office system, steering the development towards realizing Colivias overall mission and strategy.  


There’s constantly a ton of things happening at Colivia and bringing the right attitude and spirit will give you fantastic opportunities to grow within the company. Specific tasks can include:


  • Develop product roadmaps and release plans 
  • Understand market and customer requirements and prioritize these in planning 
  • Work between/together with developers, sales, management and customers (act as a facilitator) 
  • Work together with key customers and focus groups 
  • Testing (planning, execution/follow-up) 
  • Ensure product quality and a positive user experience
  • Participate in sales and marketing activities (customers meetings, workshops, social media etc.)  
  • Train and support our sales team 




  • How can we maximize conversion from app registration to bookings as well as re-bookings 
  • How can we create transparency in the market 
  • How can we put the career planning in the hands of the healthcare professional  
  • How can we automate the work that sales people traditionally does in the healthcare staffing market 
  • How do we optimize the matching of healthcare professionals and healthcare assignments 

How do we make it easier and more efficient for healthcare providers to find suitable healthcare professionals 




To enjoy working at Colivia you should be eager to learn new things, happy to take on new challenges and have an inner drive to create great solutions. 


We are looking for someone with a background from engineering or business. Basic knowledge about software and development is a plus. However, most of all we are looking for a person with excellent communication- and project management skills that always puts the user experience first.




Help us get to know you by submitting your CV and any other information you see fit in order to present who you are. Our recruitment process is designed to be a two-way conversation. We want to get to know you and we also want you to get a first-hand insight into what it will be like to join Colivia.

We review applications on an ongoing basis and would like to receive your application ASAP. 


We are very excited to hear from you! 

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